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Interim Executives are on-demand change artists who help companies attain world-class results. Interims are experts at stepping into unfamiliar situations, assessing the dynamics at work, and leading organizations through X-FormationTM, the practice of organizational transformation.

X-Formation is the first comprehensive guide to the dynamic field of Interim Executive leadership. It dives deeply into the characteristics that make Interims unique, the tools and approaches they use to get the job done, and the best practices involved in finding, assessing, and engaging them. Drawing upon experiences from hundreds of client engagements, this book details how Interims conquer tough challenges by utilizing the X-Formation Disciplines: Strategize, Optimize, Maximize, and Organize. It further presents many real-life case studies showing how companies of all sizes are benefiting from the help of Interims.

Forget consultants who simply perform studies or make recommendations. Interims are true, unbiased leaders interested only in achieving tangible results. X-Formation is an exciting new practice that can actively help any company transform.

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Damon Neth

Damon Neth

Damon Neth is a seasoned entrepreneur, battle-tested executive and senior consultant with deep domain expertise in developing strategy, achieving technology-driven innovation and creating operational excellence.

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William Mince

Jim Treleaven

Jim Treleaven is the President and CEO of Via Strategy Group, LLC (VSG). VSG advises CEOs, boards of directors, and other C-level executives on growth and turnaround strategies, M&A transaction, and serves in interim C-level roles.

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